Call Center Training (CCT)


In this course, we will enhance student’s communication skills with regards to grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence constructions which are imperative in applying as a call center agent.

We will give a brief introduction to the responsibilities of a call center agent. We'll explain some of the basic dos and don'ts of telephone etiquette, how to answer calls, and the impact your own tone and attitude can have on callers. We'll also introduce problem-solving techniques to help provide quality and excellent services to customers.

Furthermore, lessons throughout the course will deal on the importance of your knowledge of diversity. For example, an approach to customer service may depend on the caller's culture and age. Along with that comes an understanding of different expectations and approaches to service by members of different generations. We'll offer several call center scenarios through mock calls and mock interviews during training.

Most importantly, we will focus on enhancing conversational English as well as give tips and suggestions on how to pass the exams and interviews of call centers.